Handcrafted for you but also for me

There’s a quiet beauty in something crafted with care. Bespoke and made to love and last.

And just like a good wine, it’s best shared with family and friends.

I’m working for my own heart as much as I am for you and I hope that shows through in my craft.

My Craft

In my Newmarket workshop, I process raw timber from a range of our native timber species into bespoke pieces that are then hand finished with natural oils and waxes. 


“When two become one,

Joined together on the same path

Like ripples in the water.

As endless as the ocean,

as timeless as the tides.”


Unique Australian Made Pieces

Each new studio designed piece is thoroughly researched and prototyped over a number of months to ensure each design looks great, performs exceptionally in its intended environment and brings something just a little special into your home.

Personalised with care

Handcrafted and engraved to your specifications to make a one of a kind gift. I craft each one from our hardy native timber so I can ensure the best quality product reaches your hands while supporting our local industries that make up Australia.

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